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VPS is the optimal solution for a smart user.

Renting a virtual private server (VPS) can greatly save your time and money.

Advantages of VPS over dedicated servers.

VPS or virtual private server should not be confused with a dedicated server, because VPS shares (or uses a part of) real server resources (CPU time, disk space, memory) with other VPSs . On one "real" server several virtual private servers can be set up.

Why VPS?

It's simple. Price and Convenience. The cost of renting a VPS is quite low, due to the fact that all virtual servers share the maintenance of the real server.
Despite the fact that there can be many virtual servers on one real server, the quality of service provided by each VPS does not suffer.
Each VPS is fully isolated from others so another VPS cannot get access to your VPS.
Moreover, VPS is much more reliable than dedicated server as it is not tied to real equipment, it is much easier to back it up, move. Upgrading the server, e.g. adding more memory, disk space or getting more CPU cycles is a snap and can be done in seconds.
In short you can think of VPS as a real server but with several benefits and for a better price.

Choosing VPS from ATC Security Solutions you get:
  • low price for high quality services on DELL servers
  • effective support service
  • free Web Hosting
  • free Secure Mail