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Here are some extra services which might be useful for you:

5-days access free | One-user server | Server for developers | Server with Adobe for Designers | Outsourcing IT-engeneer | You personal equipment for rent in London`s DC | Remote HDD cloud | IT-consulting | Additional IP addresses

Live demo access till 5 days free

This is a single-user personal access with username and password for you to be able to do the following:

  • evaluate the convenience of remote desktop
  • test ways of connecting to remote server from your laptop or tablet
  • understand the software and the working environment of your employees
  • tell about it to your friends and partners

I need it

It is a Specsial prefer for forex`s broker and so on

There was too much petitions to make a small-resources one-user access to remote desktop. We did it. It is cost 10 фунтов*. Преимущества этого решения следующие:

  • cheep
  • administrators`s rights
  • license and support of Microsoft
  • you are possible to setup personal software

*it is the quaterly month price

Quick request

Renting equipment in a rack.

This can be a server, voice gateway, router, switch, DAE and other equipment. We will help you order and deliver the equipment, providing remote access to the machine.


Additional network disk space for backups

This service allows you to connect an additional drive up to 10Tb in Remote Desktop. You get the following benefits:

  • When the operating system fails, you can quickly access the disk space from outside to replicate your data
  • Probability of the network storage malfunction tends to zero
  • When the automatic backup is configured to use the network storage, local disc resources are not being used.
  • You get access to the data network storage at 1 Gbps
  • You do not need to install additional applications to provide shared access to the disk space
  • The space can be easily scaled if additional GBs are needed
  • Guaranteed security and data transfer rate of the network storage from a well-known communications expert Synology.


Additional fee tariffs for support IT`s specialist of ATC

If you order the services of ATC that used dedicated or virtual servers you always can order additional remote support of your office with the next flexible tariffs below:

  • Base support till 15 minutes per day by email|ticket system =£0.00
  • Wide support till one hour per day by telephone|email|ticket system =£30.00
  • One-time work like to install sowtware, migration data between servers, thin setup user`s profiles =£50.00
  • Dedicated system engeneer in outsourcing into your office from ATC =£2000.00
  • also we can make special flexible indivual tariff that will be comfortable for you (look after).

    Special flexible indivual tariff calculation:

  • One-hour cost =£30.00
  • If you order more then 2 hour per day you have the h% discount, where h - the number of hours
  • * The main benefits if choose ATC`s specialists in outsourcing:
  • humanly consulting,
  • effective plan to make infrastructure accordingly buisness tasks,
  • thin remote setting and optimization of your servers,
  • remote help with your devices inside or outside office,
  • fair calculation of support service by work hours but not by numbers of devices,unbiased mutual calculations for time to spend on task,
  • you won't have to hire your own IT-specialists for your office if it needs often,
  • you have account to comfortable ticket system to plan and to trace tasks
  • mutual concernmate security to data and profiles on servers,
  • one london`s phone of IT specialist is always accessible
  • it is possible to come to your office regulary or one-time

  • I want it now

    Additional IP addresses

    This service is one of the most common for any IT infrastructure and, of course, you can always get any number of IP addresses from the subnetwork of from other subnetworks. Order it at any time convenient for you.

    Get new IP