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ATC Security Solutions put a lot of efforts into making your email safe and secure. Nobody can steal or damage your server with all your valuable correspondence. Moreover, using our email servers you reduce the risk of message/traffic interception and you can even eliminate this risk completely if your partners also use our email service.

Here are some advantages our Secure Mail service provides::
  • All your messages are stored on reliable servers in data center located in the UK. Find out more...
  • SSL-protected connection from your local computer to our server ensures your data is secure whether you use Web UI or POP3 access*
  • User friendly Web based interface allows you not to store your messages on your local computer
  • Professional 24x7x365 customer support
  • ForeFront and ClamAV antivirus mail protection
  • SpamAssassin spam protection
* - SSL certificate is used when you use mailboxes or may be issued for your own domain upon request (subject of a separate charge).

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