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About Remote Office

Your company rents a dedicated server. Our specialists install Microsoft software (Windows Server, Microsoft Office, antivirus, etc.) and specialized software for your business (banking, databases, logistics or law applications, etc.).

We help our customers to set up and maintain this software. It is important to note that our company only works with licensed software and we require our clients to do the same.

Then your employees connect to the server and work with it as if it is a local computer. To understand how this happens in practice, you can use the "Demo access"

In the FAQ section you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Remote Office service from ATC Security Solutions allows you and all your employees work with your remote UK based server in the same way as with a local computer. More than that, you will get a number of significant advantages over a standard PC:

  • You will completely solve the problems of connecting offices, branches, warehouses, etc.
  • You will work from anywhere regardless of location and time of the day.
  • You will be sure your data is safe and won't be stolen.
  • You will save on software licenses (Windows, Office, antivirus, etc.)
  • You will not spend money on hardware upgrade. All work will be done on powerful server based in the UK.

Other Advantages:

Success of any company depends not only on the stability of its internal computer systems, but also on how well its confidential information is protected from prying eyes. Are your secrets really safe? It is likely that your system administrator has done a great job protecting your network from hackers, however all his efforts will be in vain if your computers physically fall into ill-wishers’ hands. ATC Security Solutions helps to solve these problems once and for all. Once you subscribe to our Remote Office service, you will be able to transfer your data to a well-protected data centre in the UK, the country famous for strict enforcement of laws that guarantee that your data is well protected from those wishing to get access regardless of their positions and ranks. For third parties to get access to your data, VERY serious non-economic reasons are needed and lengthy bureaucratic processes are involved.
Protection against hacking is ensured by Cisco firewalls, traffic encryption and 24x7 infrastructure monitoring.

Modern technologies and growth of transcontinental networks allow working with a computer located in a different country in the same way as if it was under your desk. Just imagine – your monitor, keyboard and mouse are in their usual place on your desk, right next to the photo of your family, and the system unit is in the UK, in a secured data centre with CCTV, intruder detection systems and 24x7 onsite manned security!

It does not really matter where you are: in your office, at home, in a hotel or in an internet café – your server with all your software is always at your disposal. Remote Office service allows using programmes on your server from any place in the world that has internet access.

Your colleagues, employees and you do not have to be in the same place to work with the same software and data. Both you and they can work at any time, any day of the week from anywhere in the world. You do not have to be bound by location, working hours and time zone of your office.

Our infrastructure ensures uninterruptible uptime of servers and network connectivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year under constant supervision of highly trained professionals. High reliability of Dell servers, redundant power supply, modern fire detection and suppression systems, intruder detectors and other factors guarantee high availability and protection of your data. Upon your request we will be able to do regular backups of your data to our storage servers.

It has never been easier to organise an additional workplace for a new employee: all you need is to find any, even a low performance computer with a network connection and an operating system – and it’s done! All necessary software is already installed on your server. You even do not need to worry about software licenses as we have already taken care of them.

Installing new software has never been easier as well – you do not have to setup new programmes for each employee. All necessary software need to be installed only once on your server.

You do not have to worry about integration of your offices and branches into a single network. You just need to connect them to internet, and it is done!

Cost Efficiency
Our Remote Office service allows you to avoid significant one-off and ongoing spending on your IT infrastructure. You do not have to buy a new high performance server or to upgrade an existing one. You do not have to buy modern desktop computers for your employees – even a good old PC with i386 processor will do the job. You do not have to spend money on configuring your server, no need to buy operating systems or office software for each computer, no need to keep track of software licenses – we have already taken care of them! All you need to do is subscribe and start saving money!