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Why to choose dedicated server

Why do you need a dedicated server for your company?

Your company's website reaches a certain level. A significant amount of traffic, periodically or often overloaded site puts at risk Your customers and, accordingly, a large amount of income. It's time to upgrade from the web hosting server to the dedicated server.

Dedicated server is the whole physical server at your disposal. All server resources are only in Your use: disk, memory, CPU.

When to choose a dedicated server?

Also choose a dedicated server is necessary if your site needs heavy scripts and SOFTWARE, because with the progress of business comes the need to improve the performance of the site for The sake of your customers.

In addition to the high performance of the dedicated server, there are several advantages:

  • High reliability

  • Our DC in England with the most modern equipment guarantees you a stable operation and safety of your information on a dedicated server.

  • Full control over the server

  • In comparison with the virtual server, the dedicated server will give you the opportunity to turn on/off to completely reinstall the OS, create your own virtual machines, use 100% of the hardware power for your tasks, manage the implementation to external resources, configure system archiving with standard MS Windows tools.

dedicated server


5 reasons to use cloud server in England

Reason #1 Safety first

Access to data stored in the cloud server of England will be impossible. Placing the server in your office or in the Russian DC, you are at risk of physical theft of the server by malefactors. Data loss will not leave your business without the hassle and can even stop the processes in your company.

To prevent this, you can use our servers in DC in England.

Reason # 2 Timely technology upgrades

You do not have to worry about updating the necessary SOFTWARE and equipment. When purchasing your own server, you need to constantly work on its support and update. In our DC in England is always the most current equipment and SOFTWARE versions.

Reason # 3 Multifunctionality

As we said in previous articles, the cloud can be used both for your accounting Department of the company, and for designers, etc., from the server you can collect the whole IT-infrastructure.

ATC Security Solutions will collect the necessary SOFTWARE package for you at your remote office in England.

Reason # 4 Speed as on local computer

There's nothing to talk about. Today, technology is developed enough to give such an opportunity. Modern equipment in our DC in England gives you the opportunity. Choosing security, you do not take away the convenience of speed.

Reason # 5 Stability

Returning to the word equipment, if you buy it for local use in your office, it will be a big blow to your budget, because reliable equipment costs a lot of money, and do not forget about the service, which is also under your responsibility.

By choosing to work with our English server, you avoid these difficulties and pay only the monthly fee and also gain time.


How to effectively save small and medium-sized businesses?

Today cloud technologies are certainly a reliable tool for business development. The big advantage of this tool is that the business pays only for what it uses.

Companies that have not yet tested this advantage regularly invest money in maintenance and repair of office equipment, licensed SOFTWARE and most likely in an IT specialist or even a whole team.

ATC Security Solutions will help you to save resources that you can use for the benefit of business.

Cloud IT infrastructure will give you a lot of new abilities:

  • Saving on office organization telecommuting employees
  • Change the value of IT infrastructure at the required time
  • Saving money intended for office space and electricity
  • Forget about the cost of new equipment, its maintenance and improvement

And these are just a few of them.

Some companies do not switch to a cloud service just because it is an unknown area for them, but it is a norm in the whole world.


How does a remote office work?

How does a remote office work?

Increasingly, the surrounding world of offices moves to a remote (virtual) office, or implements it for some employees working remotely. But not everyone knows how it works in practice and what real benefits can bring to business.

The classic model of a virtual office is a terminal server in the cloud with all the necessary SOFTWARE, user accounts and other necessary data, as well as connection clients (terminals, workstations, etc.). Everything on the server is shared and every employee with the right access levels can use the program.


Really convenient organization of work of remote experts: accountants, developers, designers. Working in a virtual office, they can get all the benefits of working in the office.

  • General work on documents
  • The task management system
  • Access to databases and the necessary SOFTWARE

All this without leaving your home workplace.

Even if you urgently need Your valuable employee when he is on a business trip, he will be able to connect to the work and monitor the situation/perform an urgent task remotely.

Also it is a big saving of finances and time, if in a real meeting there is no real need, it is possible to arrange videoconferences instead of negotiations live and to discuss results of work, to distribute tasks, etc. remotely. This saves on hardware-the most primitive workstation or thin client configuration is enough to access the terminal server, because the entire array of data is processed on the server side.

You are absolutely assured of the safety, security and confidentiality of data and SOFTWARE due to the increased level of security, quality of European equipment, increased level of security and political security of our DC in England. We, ATC Security Solutions, will provide you with greater security of your data from loss, theft and other unforeseen situations.

The virtual office is used by those teams and companies that work for the result. Each interested employee will find a lot more advantages in the process of work, you just have to start.

For more information, please contact us for a personal consultation, we are always waiting for you !


Remote office for every employee

Remote office for different groups of employees of Your company

Options for using a virtual office may vary depending on the specifics of your company or specialist departments. Here are some examples of using a virtual office for You:


Another category of specialists who often work remotely. Their work can be optimized with the help of a virtual office. For designers ATC Security Solutions will provide you with a powerful remote server designed to work with graphics and animation, independent remote login/account for each participant of the graphic process, all the necessary software from Adobe and from 10 TB of additional common between users of network space.


Not every office today requires the presence of an accountant in the workplace from 9 to 18 every day, especially if the company is small. Often the need for this specialist is likely to be required only a few times a month, if not less - to charge salaries to employees, prepare reports. Why then not give the specialist the opportunity to solve these issues remotely? To do this, we will install special software on the server to work with reporting (1C, etc.) and electronic document management. After granting access, the accountant can solve all the necessary issues without visiting the office.

Remote offices and regional representatives

To organize the work of all employees with a single information system has long gone beyond the usual CRM + mail. Shared access to documents, archives, internal knowledge base is a task that may be significantly extended depending on the job profile of the company. Organization of a common workspace for all employees with centralized management is a virtual office.


English virtual server

Today, many developers and business owners are increasingly finding the need for virtual hosting (VPS), and especially have become very popular with virtual servers in UK in shared hosting service abroad.

ATC Security Solutions is presenting you with the service rent virtual servers in our data center in England, which differ in the endowment of equipment in the data center with new technologies and high level of political and physical security.

Price and convenience benefits of VPS over dedicated server: The cost of renting a VPS is quite low, since all virtual servers share the cost of maintaining a real server, while quality of service does not suffer.

So the same VPS more reliable than dedicated servers, because they are not tied to specific hardware, it's easy to backup and move server to different hardware.


English trial desktop on Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 - server operating system, the world's largest cloud data center. On the basis of this system we provide You with the service trial access to safe desktop, centrally managed from our data center in England, from any authorised device connected.

In Windows Server 2016 introduces a built-in service Multipoint Services allowing you more convenient to use virtual machines in our DC in England even small organizations.

Due to the fact that we are partners of Microsoft, we have access to extended support, which helps our IT engineers to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues and problems that may occur during operation.

Today you can get trial access to the desktop on Windows Server 2016, we have to verify the quality of services.


English secure mail

Email is inherently insecure. It was created for personal correspondence, but in reality email is not much safer cards.

So someone might be need to hack Inbox? First of all, this government organization, the postal service provider and cyber criminals. Of course, to hide the correspondence from the mail service does not work, a regular user will hardly be able to resist the hackers.

Therefore, ATC Security Solutions has put a lot of effort to make Your communications as secure as possible and protected. No one will able to steal the mail server, nor to intercept the traffic of any other ways to read Your correspondence, at least from our side.

We will provide You with the following options safe email:

  • Secure mail based on Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Secure mail based on SmarterMail+ForeFront+SpamAssassin
  • Secure mail on the Linux operating system (Debian, CentOS RedHat)

Safety and convenience of e-mail from ATC Security Solutions is achieved by the following:

  • Storing Your mailboxes on our reliable secure servers in the UK
  • Secure SSL-connection from our mail server to Your computer when accessing through a Web interface and POP3, IMAP, RPC access*.
  • Convenient Web-interface is intuitive and has a lot of advanced settings, also allows you to store emails on Your computer.
  • Professional support for any of the selected support plans
  • Check mail the mail bodies Microsoft ForeFront antivirus and ClamAV
  • The anti-spam validation rules from the worldwide and flexible SpamAssassin

* SSL available if using boxes or may be issued for Your domain (extra charge).


English infrastructure with free support of IT team

Taking advantage of remote servers on the basis of our superior IT infrastructure in England, which will kept Your data - we improve the service support of our IT team.

The perfection of our infrastructure in England due to:

  • Reliable geographical location of the data center (aside from London)
  • Double supply reliability
  • Multiple network connections with providers
  • Quality climate control system processors
  • The latest Northern technologies
  • Triple system of fire safety
  • Multiple security of servers

So, the advantages of our IT infrastructure for You, complemented by support of our proficient administrators, respectively:

  • Consultation of the staff
  • Efficient infrastructure design for the purposes of business
  • fine optimization and configuration of your servers
  • remote office maintenance and home computers
  • a fair calculation of support time, not the number of jobs,the objective of the joint calculation of time on task,
  • no need to hire your own system administrator for a small amount of office equipment and tasks "time-from-time",
  • you have the opportunity to use the convenient ticket system for task scheduling for ATC specialists and monitor their implementation,
  • concerned security of servers, sole knowledge of fine-tuning and accesses,
  • one Moscow and always available and responsive to phone technician
  • possible to come to your office on a regular basis or a lump sum


English dedicated server

Dedicated server in UK from ATC Security Solutions - optimum solution for any highly loaded project.

Our data center in London uses all modern technologies, ensuring the smooth operation and guarantees the safety of your information on the server. The prices are affordable and reasonable.

When you select this option lease, you get full control over your server: turn on/off to a full reinstallation of the OS.

Dedicated server, in contrast to the virtual server that will allow You to do the following:

  • Create a virtual machine
  • To use 100% of hardware power servers DELL
  • Manage the implementation of external resources to configure file system archiving standard tools of MS Windows Server
  • Install special software that conflicts with Hyper-V


Remote desktop in England

Why remote desktop is in England?

First of all, IT-data center infrastructure on which to store Your remote desktop is the advanced equipment of the latest generation, a high level of security and control of data storage.

In our data center in England, working people engaged in web hosting services for years, so they know how to prevent any problems, how to troubleshoot in the shortest possible time.

In addition to reliability, we know Your need to protect data from cybercriminals and from state surveillance, so we will provide Your data reliable secure data center in the UK, known for strict observance of the laws that protect Your data from very different levels of threats.

In addition, our data center in UK is stable, because it implies a favorable political and economic situation in the country and is not kind of risks.

Foreign hosting providers remote desktop rarely offer the multi-language technical support, but the language barrier can be a significant obstacle, but we, ATC Security Solutions, understand the requirements of the Russian customers, it helps to solve issues in the shortest possible time and use the most appropriate tools.


English datacenter will place your servers (English colocation)

Colocation (colocation, server hosting) is a service host and maintain Your server or the same rent we have, in our data center in England.

More and more companies are turning to colocation services instead of building your own data center from scratch. These services can reduce costs, reduce the burden associated with maintaining your own data center to develop and implement a disaster recovery plan.

The benefits of the colocation is physical and information security, round-the-clock service and support, scalability, maintaining control over their IT systems and cost savings.

On collocation ATC Security Solutions provides servers in a secure data center designed to maintain large amounts of data.

Part of the service ATC provides:

  • The installation of remote access equipment
  • Redundant power supply
  • Climate control
  • Physical security
  • Monitoring


English business security

The security of British business is when you are hosting your business data in our data center in England.

Rare, but there are cases of direct capture servers. Come "guys in masks" and under any pretext, confiscate servers. Otherwise, any order of the attackers, Your server may be vulnerable to hacker attack.

In Russia among data centers fairly well-known cases of security breaches, what on the contrary can boast of England being in the TOP-e for security data center in the world.

Protect data from cybercriminals and government surveillance is one of the primary criteria for the security needs of Russian businesses, so we will provide Your data reliable secure data center in the UK, known for strict observance of the laws, which will protect Your data from very different levels of threats.


Colocation! Store your servers in our units in England’s largest data centre!

Store your servers in our units in England’s largest data centre! Choose any server from the * online shop and have it delivered to the data centre (naturally, you will need to arrange the time for meeting the courier in advance).

We recommend ordering DELL servers since we have vast experience working with DELL’s Warranty Service and have established connections with efficient equipment suppliers for future upgrades.

Why choose us:

  • Buy servers at European prices and discounts
  • Enjoy free installation
  • Have programmable power supply
  • Lease your servers
  • You pay only for renting a unit
  • Fully control your hardware and the system
  • You and only you own all your PC resources
  • Enjoy better legal protection of your data (with access indicators, seals, and so on)
  • Easily store large amounts of data from the very start (scores and hundreds of gigabytes) and add more by replacing or adding extra storage
  • This is much cheaper than buying dedicated servers!

    Disadvantages of a colocation:
  • You have to take care of backing up your data externally.
  • Physical access to your server may not be immediately available. Sometimes you have to obtain a pass over 24 hours in advance and arrange the time of your visit. Add to this weekends, bank holidays, and more.
  • If you need to move your server abroad, you may face obstacles and high fees at Customs.
  • You have to have admin access or order admin service to update the system and its applications by yourself.
  • You can only upgrade your equipment if the right parts are available in the market.


Microsoft produce application Remote Desktop for iOS and Android

Microsoft produced application for Android and iOS devices

This mobile application allows you to connect to a remote PC and your work resources from virtually anywhere.

It also allows you to use the RemoteFX technology with a gesture support for Windows Mobile. Furthermore this new mobile RDP application has the following functions:

  • Access to your remote resources through a gateway of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Comfortable touch controls
  • Secure connection with the use of the Network Level Authentication (NLA)
  • Easy control over all the remote connections in the communications center
  • High quality streaming of video and sound using the traffic compression
  • Easy connection to the external screens or projectors for your presentation

  • You can download the application for FREE through the App Store, Play Store or by following the link below on your mobile device

    Microsoft Remote Desktop for iOS

    Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android


    IT engeneer for free

    We GIFT you an administrator (for outsourcing) with your remote server booking*!

    *The benefits** that you get as a client at ATC::
  • humanly consulting,
  • efficient infrastructure design for business challenges,
  • fine optimization and configuration of your servers,
  • remote servicing of your office and home computers,
  • an honest support calculation using time, rather than the number of jobs, objective joint timing for the task at hand,
  • there is no need to occasionally hire your own system administrator for a small number of office technology and tasks,
  • you are provided with the opportunity to use a ready, convenient ticket system for planning tasks for ATC specialists and for monitoring their implementation,
  • concerned security of servers, sole knowledge of fine-tuning and accesses,
  • a united Moscow and London telephone support line with a technical specialist that is always available and responsive,
  • the possibility of regular or one-time technical visits to your office

  • *Book RemoteOffice a server for rent TODAY

    **The free services of a remote technical expert are limited to 15 minutes per day.

    P.S. Note the paid enhanced support from the ATC team, either by rates or by flexible contractual terms that are convenient to you


    The cloud for specialist in design

    We are starting to offer virtual desktops for specialist of design using remote Windows 7 from Microsoft with Adobe software. It is usual RemoteOffice but instead of servers operational system used Windows 7 Professional and the special feature is personal remote desktop by RDP v8 included Remote FX opportunity. Also we are ready to propose the ADOBE software licenses by monthly fee that you use daily for your work. We are starting to offer virtual desktops for specialist of design.

    That`s it:

  • 1. remote agressive server, builded specially for work with graphic and animation
  • 2. personal account for every man from your dreqm-team of design
  • 3. Special license offer from Adobe to Adobe After Effect, Adobe Photoshop CS 6, Adobe Creative Cloud and so on you need
  • 4. Ten terrabytes additional net storage for access or everyone of your team

    It is cost 170 GBP per user approximately.

    Also you can make price lower if use VDI technology from Microsoft for contract to one till three years contract with ATC. It is mean you can use Windows 8 platform of your remote desktop.

    We analize your tasks and buisness targets to propose optimize clever solution for you. Also price make lower if users more then 10.

    Technically it is usual RemoteOffice but instead of Windows Server you use Microsoft Windows 7 Professional with special option Remote FX

  • 28.01.2013

    Companies are not taxed and pay 16% cheeper

    According to British laws companies are extempted from 16% tax if you confirm your entrepreneurship by national oficial documents like certificate of Ltd for example. You may read more datils with law of Great Britain here or read the part of it below:


    Miscrosoft VDI

    We are starting to offer virtual desktops using VDI technology from Microsoft. Please explore all benefits of VDI.


    SaaS - Rent Microsoft Licenses.

    SaaS! "Rent" Microsoft software and start saving money. You don't have to buy software licenses, just pay a monthly fee! Explore all benefits of SaaS.


    VPS! The Right Choice.

    Get virtual server three times cheaper than dedicated! You can choose Linux (Citrix virtualization) or Windows (Microsoft HyperV). Please read more about all benefits of VPS.


    New Dell R210 Server

    We are starting to offer new Dell R210 which is to replace good old R200. It comes up with new chipset, more powerful cpu, DDR3 RAM, and upgraded RAID controller.


    Google Checkout

    We are glad to announce that now we accept Google Checkout payments.


    New currencies for your convenience

    For your convenience our Remote Office wizard now shows the price in US Dollar, Euro, Russian Ruble, and of course British Pounds. Please note that we accept only British pounds and exchange rates may be slightly different in your bank.


    Free Remote Office Server Setup

    Starting from June 1, 2009 setup of Remote Office. standard servers is free!


    Calculator has just been released

    We have just completed our Price Calculator, which can be used to configure your future Remote Office server, choose additional options and services, know the price, and place an order!