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IaaS - infrastructure as a service

What is IaaS ?

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a scheme under which various components of the cloud infrastructure like servers, storage, operating systems, and network resources are provided as pluggable services. Instead of buying hardware, software, racks in a data center, companies are just as necessary to acquire these resources (and later abandon them) from third-party providers.

There are several sub-categories IaaS — receive services may be implemented using public or private cloud, or a combination of these approaches.

Characteristics Of IaaS

The concept of infrastructure as a service includes several key characteristics:

  • Resources are made available as services.
  • There is the possibility of dynamic expansion (and reduction) of volumes of consumed resources.
  • Implemented flexible payment models (e.g., pay only for resources actually consumed — the model is pay as you go).
  • Usually one physical hardware resource has several users.

When to use IaaS

In that case, if experts in a particular company has experience building and managing it infrastructure, under certain conditions, the use of IaaS is the best option. Here are a few common cases:

  • The company's it resources are not the same at different points in time, there are strong outbursts, when the needs grow, but they don't last long.
  • The company is a startup, which simply has no money to buy iron and building your own infrastructure.
  • The organization is growing rapidly, the problem arises of a permanent scale infrastructure.
  • There is a need to reduce operating costs, including equipment.
  • When starting a new pilot business areas that you want to test or which does not require permanent allocation of it resources.

When not to use IaaS

Despite the flexibility and scalability of IaaS, this technology has certain limitations and there are situations where its use is problematic:

  • If the company is a player of the regulated industry, the rules of which do not allow the storage of data on servers not owned by the company (and often in another country).
  • IaaS may not be suitable for those companies who require the highest level of performance — it is easier to achieve with dedicated resources infrastructure (hosted infrastructure).