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DaaS - Desktop as a Service

DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) technology that provides ready-to-use workplaces, access to which employees have in any place where there is Internet. Jobs are standardized and have a whole range of options for customizations to specific problems. DaaS is equally effective used on a PC the simplest configuration, laptops, tablets, smartphones. Virtual desktop is accessible through any Internet browser. Physically the entire infrastructure located in a data center. This gives an additional guarantee of security, as all communication between client and server is conducted over encrypted channels. Moreover, all information goes through the backup process automatically. DaaS is an innovative and promising area for business. When connecting to the Internet takes place full-fledged workstation with all necessary software, ready to work round the clock. Dissemination of DaaS in Russia is rapidly gaining momentum. Solutions for optimization of all business processes with sustainable development trend of the IT industry worldwide.

The benefits of DaaS

a Service DaaS provides a range of advantages:

  • significant savings on upgrades, technical support and administration of all computer Park of the company and centralization of the maintenance work;
  • round-the-clock access through a web browser interface to your workplace regardless of location, as all the information of your remote desktop available on the Internet;
  • using the advanced software that is already installed and configured by experts;
  • unparalleled security on all levels of transmission and storage of information that is provided by grouping all data in modern remote technical platforms.
  • Eliminates the possibility of undesirable access, as information is not available directly to the desktops of your employees.
  • Disadvantages of DaaS

    Among the disadvantages of DaaS include:

    • the inevitable growth of traffic;
    • need access to the Internet while using the service.